What they know that's not so

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The liberals' problem, said Reagan, is not that they're ignorant. It's just that so many of the things they think they know, aren't so. Libs are sure, for example, that mankind is destroying the climate (see our quickie test below), biofuels beat petroleum, citizens shouldn't own guns, and Ward Churchill is a martyr to free speech.

Backbone Radio this Sunday will zero in on those certitudes of the left -- and refute them all. We'll take your calls and emails too, and you'll come away with plenty of intellectual ammo for the week ahead. Don't miss this show, as we welcome new premium sponsor American Furniture Warehouse.

** Joshua Sharf, Matt Dunn, and I will talk global warming with Colorado environmental researcher Philip Baldwin. Click here for a 10-question test on global warming that may surprise you.

** We'll also continue the popular discussion of two weeks ago about ethanol facts and myths.

** Dr. Richard Bishirjian, political scientist and president of Yorktown University, will speak to the larger meaning of Churchill's fraudulent and seditious academic career at CU.

** Prof. John R. Lott, author of the statistically conclusive "More Guns, Less Crime," looks at the lessons of Virginia Tech and this month's State Capitol shooting. And we'll check on his latest book, the delightfully titled "Freedomnomics: Why the Free Market Works and Other Half-baked Ideas Don't."

What a compliment to conservative talk radio that the left is begging for on-air quotas to push its less persuasive views. And what a privilege for us at Backbone Radio to provide your weekend conservative update every Sunday. Tune in, please!

Yours for self-government, JOHN ANDREWS