CU better after Churchill?

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Ward Churchill is terminated at last from the CU faculty, and justly so. Even if takes litigation all the way to the Roberts Court to finally repossess his Indian-beaded academic gown, the radical prof is as good as gone. But how much difference will his departure from Boulder really make? How deep does the rot go at our university? How many other Churchills are subverting campuses across the land?

I look at those questions in my latest Denver Post column, "Radicals Still Plentiful at CU," available here Saturday morning. Backbone Radio will look at them, and take your calls, this Sunday when State Sen. Nancy Spence and State Rep. Cory Gardner cover the show for me. Don't miss the fun.

** Nancy Spence holds what used to be my Senate seat, and she's one of the leading education reform advocates in this or any state. Cory Gardner is a son of rural Colorado, former congressional staffer, and a pit bull for conservative issues in the legislature. Matt Dunn joins them on air.

** They will discuss CU and Churchill with Dr. Stephen Balch, president of the National Association of Scholars in Princeton NJ, and with Rocky columnist Mike Littwin, who has called Wild Ward a rock star. (Had to be the haircut.)

** Hot legislative issues from last spring (and next) will get a review when the hosts welcome Peter Huidekoper, an expert on the charter school option so unloved by teacher unions, and Bill Lindsay, chairman of the 208 Health Care Commission that's now studying some controversial reforms.

** Plus Cory's constituent David Kramer, a man who wants to lend your car an ear -- he makes corn into ethanol for America's highways in Sterling, Colorado.

What a compliment to conservative talk radio that the left is begging for on-air quotas to push its less persuasive views. And what a privilege for us at Backbone Radio to provide your weekend conservative update every Sunday. Tune in, please!

Yours for self-government, JOHN ANDREWS