Churchill's tribalized acid trip

Disgraced CU professor Ward Churchill is hoisting the red herring flag of 1st Amendment rights, hoping that his plagiarism and dishonesty will be overlooked. His left wing supporters are glad to do so. But I would like to ask Mr. Churchill some questions about his ideas. If he were successful in dismantling the United States into the 500 tribal areas that he advocates: What would he do with the 250 million people in the United States that would be unable to live off the land?

How would he handle the 20 million men nuclear equipped Chinese Army that would soon come to fill the North American power vacuum thus created by 500 squabbling Native American tribes? Does he really think his nostalgia for Indian warriors on horseback would be any match for Chinese armored divisions?

In that the concern for Native American rights exists only in the Progressive Anglo guilt ridden mind, a guilt not shared by 5000 years of Chinese political tradition, why would not the Chinese merely exterminate this residue of whining contentious Native Americans to pave the way for Chinese resettlement of all of North America? They could do so with only half the population that now resides in the Yangtze River Valley!