Rot in academia

As a former university professor I readily agree with John Andrews about the intellectual rot at CU. Sadly, it is not just at CU, but everywhere. These angry leftist anti-American, anti-military, anti white-male, sanctimonious multicultural intellectual frauds have entrenched themselves in most universities. Don’t believe me? Just look at any liberal arts catalog today. You can not only major in “Women Studies” “Chicano Studies” “Black Studies” etc. but they are required courses for all liberal arts graduates. Of course if you want to take a break from leftist propaganda you can always get college credit for jogging, walking, bowling and square dancing. If you want something perhaps a little more “intellectual” you can always take “film” or “history of rock and roll”.

Wow. Forget about Aristotle, Beethoven or Shakespeare; let’s listen to every soundtrack of the Rolling Stones and get college credit! There has got to be a course on the benefits of pot smoking somewhere; and if not, I know that the course will be offered shortly. After all, they offer “history of pornography” and “your sexual self” for credit, so why not?

Yes, folks: these are your tax dollars going to support these loony tunes so our children and/or next generation can’t read, write or think. But you can be sure that they have been brainwashed to hate all the values that you hold dear. The patients have taken over the asylum and will go down kicking and screaming. The dumbing-down continues with a vengeance.

And if you don’t believe me, just ask any college student basic questions like, “who wrote the Declaration of Independence?” or “what is the chemical formula for table salt?” or “who invented the telephone?” or “when was the Korean War?” or “what is the Dow Jones industrial average?” They will just stare at you, if they can pay attention that long before turning on their iPod.

As Dennis Prager rephrased the famous quote from Winston (not Ward) Churchill: "Never have so many paid so much for so little."