The last fortress

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"America is the last fortress. That's why I bring my message here." So said Pierre Rehov, director of seven documentaries about radical Islam, during his Denver visit for our premiere showing of his newest film, "Suicide Killers," last Tuesday.

Born in Algeria of Jewish parents, Rehov now carries both French and Israeli passports. This dual status gained him access to the gripping footage screened for a full house of almost 300 at the Claremont film event. The message was multiplied through his numerous talk radio appearances (including my show) in preceding days; print and TV publicity will continue in coming weeks.

Explaining the "fortress" analogy, he noted that Europe, Canada, and sometimes even Israel itself are often hesitant about confronting the Islamist threat. The entire free world looks to the United States for the moral, political, and military resolve to defend liberty and human dignity against the barbaric theocrats seeking to destroy or subjugate us.

You can order "Suicide Killers" on, and learn more about the director at His accolade -- and warning -- that America is the last fortress will keynote this week's edition of Backbone Radio.

** Joseph Farah, founder of and a pioneer in conservative new media to bypass the MSM, heads my guest list. Denver Post columnist Al Knight, equally sharp at puncturing liberal windbags, joins me as well.

** Phil Mitchell, who used to be one of the few conservatives on CU's faculty, brings an update about his legal fight with the campus leftists who forced him out.

** And in the authors' corner, I will talk with investigative reporter Lee Strobel about his new book, "The Case for the Real Jesus," and with our regular contributor from Hollywood, Joseph C. Phillips, about the waves made by his outspoken collection, "He Talk Like a White Boy."

What a tribute to conservative talk radio that the left is begging for on-air quotas to push its less persuasive views. And what a kick for us at Backbone Radio to provide your weekend conservative update every Sunday. Tune in, please!

Yours for self-government, JOHN ANDREWS