In memoriam: Josh Hager

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"Call me! Please. Is that too much to ask?" So ends one of the most powerful letters to the editor I have ever read. It was a cry from a father's heart in the Rocky Mountain News one recent morning. After Army Ranger Joshua Hager of Pueblo West died heroically in Iraq on Feb. 22, his dad Kris has been ignored by leading Democratic politicians (and vilely cursed by Code Pink protesters) as he repeatedly asked to talk with them about this ultimate sacrifice.

Finally Kris wrote the editors, calling for Dem presidential candidates to be held to "a new baseline of behavior" if they want to lead this country: phoning with condolences "to the families of the troops they claim to support." I agree with this Gold Star Father that such a simple humane act -- from the party that claims to care -- is not too much to ask. Don't you?

Tune in Sunday for my special hour of conversation in studio with Kris Hager and his wife Wendy, about who Joshua was, why he volunteered for combat, how he typifies so many other heroes living and dead, and what the angry antiwar movement has done to the grieving Hager family. You'll be as moved as I was when first meeting this quiet patriot by phone after his letter appeared.

** Congressman Duncan Hunter, defense hawk, border-fence leader, and Republican presidential candidate, returns to the show this week as well, with an update from the campaign trail.

** Jon Caldara of the Independence Institute reports on his lawsuit to halt Ritter's TABOR-busting property tax hike, after a week when Dems talked up an extra 1/2 billion for RTD, $1 billion in new highway taxes, and a cool $26 billion for "free" health care.

** And Frank Gaffney of the Center for Security Policy checks in with the latest on his PBS-banned film about Islamofascism, as well as a warning about two sovereignty-sapping ideas from the transnational progressives, or "tranzies" -- the Law of the Sea Treaty and the North American Union.

What a tribute to conservative talk radio that the left is begging for on-air quotas to push its less persuasive views. And what a kick for us at Backbone Radio to provide your weekend conservative update every Sunday. Tune in, please!

Yours for self-government, JOHN ANDREWS