If Britain were Islamized

A few years ago Prince Charles broached the idea of himself as “Defender of Faith” -- as opposed to the monarch's centuries-old title “Defender of the Faith -- hoping to include -- and thereby appease -- Britain’s Muslims. The guffaws and smirks were heard even here in the United States! In a worldwide Jerusalem-based caliphate, presided over by the Mahdi or the 12th Imam, there is no place for a Kafir King and his Kafir Kingdom. Does not the Prince realize the only thing he can expect from an Islamized Britain is beheading? One can imagine Prince Charles’ snuff video being filmed on the altar of Canterbury Cathedral during the ceremony of its conversion to a Mosque! The beheadings might include the Archbishop and his clergy as well as the Prince and his entire family, in reverse order of seniority, in front of a sea of joyous bearded faces! So much for the Prince’s delusion of coexisting in peace! As in ancient times, the King would be forced to witness the slaying of his sons before his very eyes!

A word to the indifferent intellectual elite: you'd witness, at the same time, the dismantling of the ancient British university system. In Islam with Mohammed being the final Prophet, there is no reason to study anything else! Every discipline in the University system would be destroyed and replaced with men memorizing Suras of the Qu’ran and the Hadiths. (Women, being creations of Satan, would necessarily be locked away and clapped in burkas.)

And for those in the media, if you think you’ll be untouched, speak with your colleagues who have been to the Hizbollah-controlled portions of Lebanon or the Palestinian West Bank. Judge for yourself if your precious freedom of the press and your role as a “check on power” would survive an Islamization!