The Long War

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"Time to move past 9/11" said the headline on a syndicated column in Friday's Denver Post. That's one view. Another view, which we uphold on Backbone Radio, is the one that says "Never forget. Never relent. Never again." The conflict waged against America and the free world by radical Islam since at least 1979, and with unmistakable ferocity since September 11, 2001 -- when we finally began to fight back -- has been called by various names.

The most common, War on Terror, fails to name our enemy: Mohammed's fanatical followers continuing a 1300-year obsession with universal conquest. World War III (by Gingrich, or IV, by Podhoretz) has also been suggested. It has the advantage of stressing the huge stakes involved.

But this epic struggle, whatever else we may call it, is certainly well termed the Long War. Its roots tracing to the 7th century after Christ, and its horizon stretching toward AD 2100 with both military and cultural-demographic dimensions, conclusively prove that.

So for purposes of this Sunday's show and next Tuesday's infamous anniversary, there is no way Backbone Radio agrees to "move past 9/11." We must dwell on it, learn its lessons, and redouble our determination for victory -- nothing less -- in the Long War defending liberty worldwide.

** Charles Kesler, political scientist and editor of the Claremont Review of Books, is my featured guest for this discussion as it relates to Iraq today, elections next year, and the Bush legacy.

** Jimmy Sengenberger, a high school student working to rally teens from across Colorado for a Constitution Day conference on 9/15, also joins me in the studio.

** Plus former senator Mark Hillman on the Ref C spending scam, home-schooling expert Mike McHugh, and civil rights leader Ward Connerly.

Our little radio show isn't Rush or Sean or Laura, not yet at least, but listeners in Colorado and (via Internet) across the nation have recently called it "indispensable" and "uniquely valuable." One even said we "work wonders." Flattering indeed; listen carefully this Sunday and you will hear me blushing at the praise as we fire up another edition.

Yours for liberty & victory, JOHN ANDREWS