Who's betraying whom?

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What? "General Betray Us?" The notorious MoveOn.org ad in Monday's New York Times, apparently subsidized by the Times itself to the tune of $102,000, shows the surrender lobby and its Democrat allies reaching a new low. The defeatist complaint against America's distinguished commander in the Iraq War, Gen. David Petraeus, seems to be that unyielding determination to see our country win on the battlefield is now a betrayal of the national interest.

Military obedience to the elected civilian commander-in-chief suddenly constitutes, according to the MoveOn loonies, disloyalty to some higher duty known to them alone. Crazy, outrageous, unpatriotic, and dangerous are my words for this smear. As for the refusal of leading Dems to condemn the ad, "cowardly and shameful" sums that up.

Backbone Radio this Sunday looks at where wartime America stands now, after the congressional testimony by Gen. Petraeus and Amb. Crocker and the speech by President Bush. I hope you will listen in and call in.

** About the war and the threat of radical Islam, I will talk with frontline correspondent and Special Forces vet Michael Yon... with intelligence analyst and Claremont fellow Michael Tanji... and with Kenneth Timmerman about his new novel on Iran's nuclear ambitions.

** Robert Frank of the Wall Street Journal joins me to discuss his startling research on how the millions from Gill, Polis, and Stryker are turning Colorado blue.

** And former Kansas attorney general Phill Kline, speaker at next week's Colorado Right to Life dinner, talks about his battle against the abortion industry and its allies in both political parties.

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