The American Garden: an allegory

The American Garden is the most beautiful on earth. No other garden produces more bounty and benefit for the people of the world than this one. It’s filled with plants and trees of different sizes that produce all matter of fruits and vegetables. The market stalls are filled daily with this wondrous bounty, and it has been so for a couple of hundred years. Yet if the Garden is to continue to blossom and yield its bounty, every generation of gardeners is obligated to fertilize, water, weed, and prune constantly the ever present gnarled socialist dead roots. They must dig out the old and unproductive to make room for the new. Only if this is done will the American Garden continue to flourish.

Many of the plants migrated here from European gardens. The European gardeners in centuries past expelled these plants, deciding they only wanted certain sorts of plants. Or the plants themselves decided to come to the North American Garden to find room to grow. The European gardens are much older than the American one. In Europe, every square centimeter of land has been cultivated for centuries. The gnarled socialist dead root structures suck most of the nutrients from the land. The blossoms are very small, and there is absolutely no room for anything new. Yet the plants that came here wanted to be a part of our Garden. They wanted to blossom and grow, and add to the beauty of the American Garden.

But the American Garden is now threatened. Progressive gardeners, who identify with the European gnarled socialist dead roots, believe that is the important thing in a garden. They take the market stalls filled with produce for granted. “Has it not always been so?” they ask? In their eyes, it’s more important to make the Garden “fair”. It’s unfair that there are plants that are taller and have more fruit than others, or are bigger and have more blossoms than others.

Their vision is a European Marxist-style garden with all the same size plants, few blossoms, and all utterly dependent on the gnarled socialist dead root structure they wish to establish. And they recognize if they can import enough squatty yucca plants from south of the border, they can take over the Garden and put their plan into action.

The progressive gardeners are also nostalgic about the Garden of 1945. They write books entitled “The Greatest Generation of gardeners” or do TV specials called “The Weeding”, not admitting they are forsaking their generational responsibility to keep the Garden flourishing. “We have the most beautiful garden in the world” they say. “Therefore, it can tolerate a few weeds, and we don’t need to prune, fertilize or water as much”. Rather than dirty their hands pruning or fertilizing, they attend cocktail parties criticizing the Garden’s ‘inequities’ or fantasizing about the virtues of the Marxist Garden, ignoring the Eastern European garden’s utter failure, including the death toll of a hundred million plants.

In a Marxist garden, the Marxist gardeners give the plants blossom quotas, and threaten to uproot them if they fail. Yet all the water and fertilization is consumed by the gnarled socialist roots. Marxist gardeners believe that all the plants should have the “social consciousness” to blossom properly. In their view, it is “social deviationism” that causes them to fail. Thus, more blossoms can be achieved by threats and uprootings as an example to others.

Another threat to the Garden is the Islamic thistle that is blowing in from the distant deserts. There is some talk about the necessity of weeding out these thistles to preserve the Garden. But the Progressive tolerant gardeners argue “was not our garden established with transplants originally?” That’s true, but the Islamic thistles are not like the other transplants.

Islamic Thistles derive from parched, poverty-stricken, barren lands that have remained unchanged for thousands of years. They can’t comprehend fertile lands and flowing rivers except as an afterlife paradise. Yet their long-dead gardener has given them the mission to spread their barren, medieval, weed-strewn poverty around the world. They have no intention of blossoming and adding to the American Garden. It is their stated intention to replace every plant in our Garden with their noxious weed and choke out and kill everything else. That is reason enough to cull these thistles from our garden. And there is some weeding taking place in distant lands. Even so, the progressive gardeners object.

Progressive gardener George Soros argues that pulling the thistles is what’s causing them to grow. Other Progressive gardeners lament that the thistles seem to return no matter how fast they are pulled. They wish to give up and withdraw the weeders. The Ecclesiastical gardeners hold that weeding of any kind is immoral, because it destroys life. They choose to ignore the death and destruction over the centuries and up to the present day caused by the Islamic thistles. They have forgotten the thousand-year struggle of their church forefathers to keep the Islamic Thistles from overwhelming all of Christendom! “We just need to reach out, understand, and dialogue with the Islamic thistle” they say.

FBI and Homeland Security gardeners are told by their lawyers that they are forbidden to pull up the Islamic thistles until they actually go to Jihad-seed and do real damage. This in spite of their own studies that show the earlier the Thistles are uprooted, the fewer Jihad-seeds there will be.

Thus is the state of the Garden today. The Marxist Progressive gardeners strive to bring in 40 million yucca plants. They fuel their chain saws while they eye the fruit trees and produce-laden plants. Islamic thistles sprout in every corner of the garden, but are ignored. The Marxist Progressive gardeners prefer to concentrate on “Justice and Equality for the American Garden” and assume the bounty will continue indefinitely.