All politics is local

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Was it Speaker Tip O'Neill who said all politics is local? Here at Backbone, being 1776 fans, we think it might have been Poor Richard's Almanac or the Federalist Papers. Heck, with baseball fever gripping Denver, we'd even believe it was Yogi Berra. The truism is true regardless, and it's the keynote -- along with the superlative Colorado Rockies and our national pastime -- for this week's edition of Backbone Radio. Please join us on the diamond of dialogue for a little pitch and catch on issues and ideas that matter.

** Ryan Frazier of Aurora and Betty Ann Habig of Centennial will head up a parade of city council and school board candidates visiting me in studio as mail-in voting in local elections begins Oct. 12.

** We'll also do some Rockies talk with Mike Littwin of the Rocky Mountain News, still a sportswriter at heart, and with Michael Novak of the American Enterprise Institute, author of a book about sports and the American spirit.

** Plus Daveed Gartenstein-Ross with an update on Iraq and Iran. You've seen him on Fox News and heard of his dramatic book, "My Year Inside Radical Islam."

Our show isn't Rush or Sean or Laura, not yet at least, but listeners in Colorado and (via Internet) across the nation have recently called it "indispensable" and "uniquely valuable." One even said we "do wonders." Flattering indeed; I'll be blushing at the praise this Sunday as we fire up another edition.

Yours for liberty & victory, JOHN ANDREWS