Chipping away our freedom

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In a mini-debate spot now running on Colorado Public Television, I said this about the S-CHIP battle between Bush and Congress: "The President’s veto prevented a tax increase targeted on low-income people. It prevented illegal aliens from gaining easier access to government benefits. It prevented America from taking another step toward the kind of socialized medicine that’s failing in Britain and Canada. Thank you, Mr. President." On Backbone Radio this Sunday we'll talk about the CHIP kids' health program and the larger issue of health care policy in a free society. (America still is one, aren't we?) My guest will be Grace Marie Turner of the Galen Institute. I hope you'll be listening.

** We'll also talk with civil rights leader Ward Connerly about Clarence Thomas's powerful new book, "My Grandfather's Son," and about the near-death of Connerly's upcoming 2008 ballot issue at the hands of an activist Colorado Supreme Court.

** Continuing our local government focus as mail balloting begins in many communities, we'll hear from Douglas County school board candidate Ryan Stuart. Education reformer Armand Fusco will check in as well.

** And a special feature, second time around if you missed it earlier, in the 7pm hour we will replay my gripping interview with Gold Star Father Kris Hager of Pueblo West, whose son Josh, a heroic Army Ranger, was killed in Iraq earlier this year.

Media Matters, those phony nonpartisans, and their blood brothers in the Democratic Party want to neuter conservative talk radio by any means necessary. My comments last Sunday about Columbus horrified their local watchdogs, while the national arm is out to paint Rush as unpatriotic (right) and Rep. Waxman is stalking him, Hannity, and Levin. All this validates our medium's importance as a defender of freedom. And we're not going away.

Yours for self-government, JOHN ANDREWS