Wild swirls, no; wild girls, no problem

On Fox News the other night, Oct. 19, there was a discussion between Greta Van Susteren and Laura Ingraham about "Girls Gone Wild,"the national TV show that features such debauchery as inebriated 18-year-old girls flashing the camera with their bare breasts. Ms. Ingraham expressed the view that such displays are a demeaning exploitation of women (true). Yet Ms. Van Susteren held that such activities could not and should not be stopped owing to 1st Amendment constitutional liberties (which is also true). The question to ask is this: why is not Joe Francis doing a "Saudi Arabian Girls Gone Wild" version of his show? Probably because he knows it would be suicidal. That again is true -- and it's a direct, if extreme, extension of Laura Ingraham's point.

Greta Van Susteren, the apparent secularist, has subconsciously embraced the progressive view that does two things in cases like this.

One, it substitutes legalism for morality. This is the principal reason the ACLU is working diligently to sever the Judeo-Christian roots of our society. It seeks to enhance the idea that activist judges are the ones to determine good and evil. This would pave the way to euthanasia of the aged and handicapped, as well as wholesale abortion; an overall devaluation of life such as we see in Holland today. Though the ACLU paints itself as a "defender of liberty," what they really wish to do is install a progressive, elitist governance of our society by those (themselves) who "know better what's good for us".

Secondly, progressivism assumes there could only be a governmental solution to such an issue and reaches for it.

Laura Ingraham, by contrast, advocates public outrage to shut such programs down. The purveyors of the various degrees of X ratings would never show restraint unless pressured to do so, or when faced with broad moral disapproval such as there still is (we'll see for how long) against pedophilia and bestiality.

The liberal media is manifestly terrified of religious and moral condemnation when its originates from the Islamics. Muslim fury at the slightest perceived insult has even the most ardent liberals running for cover. A recent example was Islamic objection to an ad for ice cream cones because the swirls on top looked something like the Arabic for "Allah." Certainly, then, a "Saudi Arabian Girls Gone Wild" is out of the question.

And if our Western Civilization is to survive, at some point the "Girls Gone Wild" should be out of the question here as well. The corollaries of illegimate births, smashed lives and the poverty of single mom households are not a good thing.