Four more years?

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"Four more years" was the chant in the first campaign I worked on, Nixon 1972. Memories of those days as a speechwriter enliven my recent piece, "White House ghosts, unite!" Now Republicans again seek to hold the presidency for four more years, and our program -- with your help -- will cover all the action for 2008 and years beyond. On the Nov. 11 show, we'll talk with Congressman Tom Tancredo about his presidential run and political future... also with Congressman Doug Lamborn about GOP hopes of regaining the House.

** Retired Army Col. Joe Ruffini helps us observe Veterans' Day and looks at radical Islam in the USA, the subject of his book "When Terror Comes to Main Street."

** Denver Post columnist David Harsanyi looks into the mind of Bill "Collective Bargaining &Climate Change" Ritter. And Brian Kennedy, President of the Claremont Institute, sizes up today's conservative movement.

And please come to the party: Colorado listeners are invited to Lodo's in Highlands Ranch, SW corner of Quebec & C-470, as we do Sunday's show live on location to celebrate three years on the air. Thank you for helping us make it this far up the mountain. Join us for refreshments and friendship, 5-8pm.

There may even be a moment at the microphone for you, if you're present at Lodo's for the festivities. Otherwise call us with your two cents at 303-696-1971. Thanks for a great three years; here we go with four more!

Yours for self-government, JOHN ANDREWS