Hillman hosts as John junkets

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At the Claremont Institute (whose annual dinner I am attending in California this weekend, missing the radio show), we take the Federalist Papers seriously. Hamilton in No. 78 famously predicted the judiciary would be the "least dangerous branch" of government; he didn't foresee the god complex that overtook judges in modern times. Judicial term limits are one remedy. I debate the idea with bar association spokesman Bob Miller tonight, Friday, at 730pm on Channel 6 in Denver. We're bringing back last year's judge-limiting proposal for 2008 in a version more likely to win. The Denver Post is so worried they already editorialized against us. The debate is on "Colorado State of Mind," also seen on Channel 8 in Colorado Springs and Channel 18 in Grand Junction. It repeats, if you want to set your VCR, at midnight Friday and 530am Sunday.

Our show this Sunday is in former state Sen. Mark Hillman's capable hands, with Matt Dunn riding shotgun. They'll talk with David Rivera of the Colorado Health Care Commission about the proposed vast expansion of government's role in medicine... with civil rights leader Ward Connerly... and with Rocky Mountain News columnist Jay Ambrose.

Mark Hillman's own column recently took apart Bill Ritter's plan to unionize state workers, which is sure to be a topic on Backbone this time. He also spent years leading Senate Republicans, in both the majority and the minority, while Joan Fitz-Gerald was leading the Democrats; don't miss his perspective on her departure this week as Senate President.

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Yours for self-government, JOHN ANDREWS