Voice of the remnant

A remnant, an unbowed faithful few, have rallied to the defense of truth and freedom time and again at critical moments in the history of Western civilization. Anyone who knows history and Scripture knows that. I wrote about it in my latest Denver Post column (above), noting that America's true patriots are the remnant for our time. This radio program seeks to be a voice for them, on whom so much depends. David Barton of Wall Builders, an authority on our nation's godly heritage, speaks the language of the remnant. So does Stan Mattson, head of the C.S. Lewis Foundation, active on many campuses. Both will be my guests on Backbone Radio this Sunday. ** Jed Babbin, editor of Human Events, updates us on what the Democrats are up to in Congress and on the campaign trail. And I'll ask Jim Spencer of ColoradoConfidential.com, one of the said Dems, about Jared Polis's surrender excursion to Iraq.

** Plus CSU student Bobby Carson with a report on Ram Republic, the alternative paper he helped start after F-bomb journalism gave Colorado State a black eye nationally. Remnant soldiers exemplify backbone, and this young man proves it.

On this holiday weekend I thank the Creator for the life and liberty that let me connect with you through our show. Please be listening as we roll out another edition.

Yours for the City on a Hill, JOHN ANDREWS