From our family to yours

President Ronald Reagan’s first Christmas message, dated Dec. 24, 1981, said in part: “The Nativity story of twenty centuries ago is known by all faiths as a hymn to the brotherhood of man. Through a generous heavenly Father’s gift of his Son, hope and compassion entered a world weary with fear and despair and changed it for all time. “On Christmas, we celebrate the birth of Christ with prayer, feasting, and great merriment. But most of all, Christmas is a state of mind. It is found throughout the year whenever faith overcomes doubt, hope conquers despair, and love triumphs over hate. It is present when men of any creed bring love and understanding to the hearts of their fellow men.”


Mount Princeton, seen in this recent photo, overlooks Backbone, Colorado, my imaginary hometown of the heart. From there, the Andrews family wishes your family a joyous Christmas and a rewarding New Year.

All of us at Backbone America Citizens' Alliance hope to work with you in 2008. Our goal: to live the spirit of Christmas year-round, and to continue realizing President Reagan’s vision of faith and freedom for America and the world.