Gunfight at the DU Corral

Yours truly, blazing from the right, will face syndicated columnist David Sirota, firing lefthanded, in a University of Denver classroom on three Wednesday evenings starting Jan. 23. It's a noncredit course for adults, part of the enrichment program of DU's University College. "Politics 2008: The Battles from the Statehouse to the White House" is the title. David and I will team-teach one session on the presidential race, another on contests for the US House and Senate, and a third on state legislative races, all featuring the predictable liberal-conservative disagreements between us, but kept civil by our shared love and respect for the American political process.

The prolific Sirota has already invited signups for the course via two local blogs, Square State and Colorado Pols, as a well this Editor & Publisher item two weeks ago under a New York dateline (woo woo). I am hustling to catch up with him in the self-promo department, using the mighty platform of my radio show and this website, as well as the site where we blog together..

If you enjoy a hot crossfire of ideas -- cooled by facts -- why not join us for the political preview course four weeks hence? Fee is nominal and some spaces remain; the limit is 50. Click for details and registration.