No double standard for Obama

Apparently, the MSM realizes that Obama's youthful brushes with Islam are a huge negative. So they attempt to take it off the table and make the entire subject taboo. Notice that the MSM make no such exceptions concerning Romney's religion, McCain's age, or Giuliani's marriages. On CSPAN last evening, a left-wing apologist for Barack Obama from the New Republic argued that anyone who mentioned the candidate's past Muslim connections was making a low blow, absolutely reprehensible. He went on to say that the potential threat to Obama's life as an apostate Muslim was a non-issue, since any president would be in jeopardy from Jihadis.

In my view, Obama's life being threatened as an apostate isn't the issue: it is whether or not he is concealing his ties to Jihadi organizations. And after the Holy Land Foundation trial last summer in Texas, there's reason to believe that most "moderate" Muslim groups have been founded by the Muslim Brotherhood. Reputable observers such as Daniel Pipes have raised serious questions about Obama and Islam. Nor can you necessarily expect the truth from asking the senator himself.

That's because the Islamic concept of Taqyyit asserts that anything that forwards the cause of Islam is the moral thing to do. Thus, if disinformation benefits Islam, one is permitted or even obligated to practice it. Hypothetically, then, if Obama were concealing his ties to Jihad, he would be religiously permitted to deny it. There are no Ten Commandments in the Qur'an, so swearing one's oath on that book has quite a different meaning; ask Representative Ellison from Minnesota.

In my nightmares, I can picture an Islam-sympathizing US President moving to put the head of CAIR in his cabinet, and garnering praise in the New York Times, because we were finally "reaching out to heretofore marginalized Islamic organizations -- and that giving these groups responsibility would bring them into the mainstream." Of course, anyone who would object is a "racist bigot and Islamophobe."

Or imagine the same President admitting a growing stream of extremist Muslims from the Middle East as "refugees from violence", then charitably enrolling them in the US Army.

How long are we going to let political correctness pave the road to our destruction?