Phillips on Obama, Clinton & King

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This Sunday, Jan. 20, it's exactly one year until we inaugurate the next President of the United States. Who will it be? Then on Monday, America observes the Martin Luther King holiday, amid sniping between the Democratic candidates about what his legacy means. Has the bare-knuckle Clinton campaign crossed a line? Is Obama benefiting from a double standard? Joseph C. Phillips, one of the most thoughtful black conservatives and author of "He Talk Like a White Boy," a regular on our show for the past year, joins me again this week to help sort the whole thing out.

It was a raucous week at the State Capitol as well. The truest conservatives, in my book, uphold dignity, demeanor, decorum. They follow high standards and set a worthy example. By this yardstick, Rep. Douglas Bruce, right-wing as he may be, is less conservative than Rep. Kent Lambert, who hosted him in the House prior to Monday's debacle.

Lambert, chairman of the Republican Study Committee and a retired AF colonel, is another of my guests for the Jan. 20 show. So is Rocky Mountain News columnist Jay Ambrose. So is Colorado novelist John Berry, whose new political thriller"To Move the Mountain" is set at this year's Beijing Olympics.

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