Final Four

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I'm supporting Mitt Romney for President. He is Mr. Republican for this year, hands down. I respect John McCain a lot, agree with him frequently, and like him somewhat. He'd make a good commander-in-chief. Either is vastly preferable in the White House to that ball of ambition, Hillary Clinton, or that cloud of charisma, Barack Obama, both crusading for their scary European leftist ideas. These are the Final Four, and the madness will only escalate from here, even though March is still a month away. We'll talk about what January wrought in this fast-moving campaign, and what February may hold, this Sunday on Backbone Radio. I'm back after a week away, and I hope you'll be listening.

** State Republican chairman Dick Wadhams will preview the Feb. 5 caucuses for us. We'll discuss all the issues with David Harsanyi, Denver Post political columnist, and Marvin Hutchens of

** Plus an update on CU's presidential selection process from Regent Tom Lucero, and a conversation with District Attorney Carol Chambers, the prosecutor that criminals love to hate. Poor misunderstood Carol!

Remember when Republicans and conservatives were all sore at each other over Senate 2004 and Ref C 2005 and Governor 2006? Sulking gains nothing and costs dearly. Don't you just know the Democrats hope we do it again over President 2008? This radio program will do all we can to prevent that. Will you help?

Yours for GOP unity, JOHN ANDREWS