Anglosphere challenge

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What? A parallel system of laws in Britain so Muslims there could live by sharia and opt out of human rights as understood in Western civilization? Has the head of the Church of England lost it? No, the head had not lost his head in making this craven suggestion the other day. He had lost his backbone, and you wonder how many of his countrymen still have theirs. Does the Archbishop of Canterbury speak for significant numbers in the UK who are ready to roll over for moral relativism and cultural suicide? Let's hope not.

The English-speaking tradition has done more for human freedom, material advancement, and wider horizons of thought than any other force in the past thousand years, argues my star guest on this week's show. He is James C. Bennett, a Colorado resident and author of the important new book, The Anglosphere Challenge.

I'll talk at length with Jim Bennett about his evidence for that bold claim, his expectation of what it could mean in the coming century, and his estimation of the tradition's current vitality in the face of such danger signs as the archbishop's capitulation. You'll find this one of the most fascinating interviews we've ever done.

British political writer Nicholas Wapshott, now based in Washington, also returns to the show for a discussion of the extraordinary Reagan phenomenon in this year's election. He wrote a book on Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher. We'll ask him about Islam in the UK (what another writer has called Londonistan) as well.

All this plus another chance to hear our one-hour legislative special, "Colorado Call to Action," first aired on Thursday, with news you need about this year's best and worst bills -- and practical ideas on how you can make a difference on those bills.

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