Meaning no disrespect

The analogy is inelegant, but Hillary Clinton's double win in Texas and Ohio yesterday may be the most dramatic stop of an unstoppable force since Stalingrad. When the Russians broke the German winning streak in February 1943, the Reich's military machine hadn't lost anywhere in Europe in 42 months. Understand, I'm not likening Obama's or Hillary's politics to those two scorpions in a bottle in World War II. I'm merely pointing out an obvious military parallel.

When you remember that the Red Army got massive American aid in turning back the Wehrmacht, the parallel continues -- since Republican crossovers were significantly helpful (though probably not decisive) in helping Hill and Bill prevail with their big-state firewall strategy where Giuliani had failed with a similar plan in Florida.

Now the question is, can Sen. Clinton capitalize on this turning point and gain victory by driving Sen. Obama all the way back to Denver five months from now, as the Germans were driven all the way back to Berlin 27 months after Stalingrad?