Truth makes free

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This weekend we commemorate the greatest confrontation in history between freedom and oppression. The man who said, "If you continue in my word... you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free," was put to death by the political and religious authorities for no crime greater than saying such things. For a few days it appeared their word, not his, was the last word. But Christians believe Jesus reversed all that with his resurrection, laying the only true cornerstone for human liberty in time or eternity. Most of America's founders shared that belief, which remains near the center of our American identity today.

Backbone Radio is a political forum, not a religious show, so this Sunday we'll not be saying much more about Easter than what you've just read. Yet the world-changing news of "Christ is risen" will echo as we look at current headlines from the five-year Iraq war to Obama's raging pastor to the Colorado legislature. We hope you will join us if the day's plans permit.

I'll also be talking with Adam Schrager of 9News about his book on the courage of Gov. Ralph Carr... with Rev. Rudy Rasmus of Chicago about the new data on Americans' religious rootlessness... and with Rich Martinez of Young Americans Bank about the deficit of economic literacy in our schools.

Plus we'll air again my one-hour special from the State Capitol, featuring legislative leaders and conservative activists, that was heard Thursday night on 710 KNUS. Don't miss our Colorado Call to Action, March edition.

When you think about it, there's little difference between the Roman governor in AD 33 who shrugged about what truth is, and the intellectuals today who deny self-evident truths and God-given rights. Both would say freedom is their gift to grant or withhold, not inborn to each of us. We , however, beg to differ -- and we will not be silenced.

Yours for truth and freedom, JOHN ANDREWS