Who owns the future?

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It's said that elections turn on voters' perception of which candidate and party owns the future, which message convinces us of a better tomorrow. In 2008, a rocky economy and an unpopular war would appear to favor the out party, the Democrats. Yet the message is only as good as the messenger, and right now both Barack and Hillary seem to be prisoners of their distasteful past. By contrast McCain, the old, crusty, uneloquent white guy, looks to an American future of strength, honor, opportunity, and common sense -- nothing flashy, but solidly mainstream and trustworthy compared to the Dems. Advantage GOP.

Big Mac wasn't my first choice for President, as you probably know. But on the test that matters most --backbone -- fidelity to what America means and character when it counts, he is light-years ahead of Slick Willie's wife or Rev. Wright's parishioner. Deciding between them doesn't require a second thought. Even so, November is still 200 days off: an eternity in politics.

We'll talk about who owns the future, this Sunday on Backbone Radio, with five of the most interesting guests I've had in a long time. I hope you will listen in and call in. The reason for all of this is you.

** Bob Schaffer joins me for a look ahead to his race for US Senate... and Prof. Bill Watson of CCU for a look back at why Western civilization matters.

** Plus Jonah Goldberg talking about his book "Liberal Fascism".... Ronald Kessler about his book "Terror Watch"... and the cheeky cartoonist liberals can't abide, Bruce Tinsley, creator of "Mallard Fillmore."

Why did the men of 1776 take as their emblem the eagle and not the hornet, the rattler and not the scorpion? Since either would have done for warning off enemies, I like to think they chose vertebrates, symbols with spine. Only as we keep our spine will our future hold hope. Are you in?

Yours for self-government, JOHN ANDREWS