Fund my grant or die

Garbage in, garbage out, was my reaction on reading the environmental love song by one Richard Anthes in the Denver Post, Mar. 29. Inadvertently to be sure, Anthes confirmed for readers exactly what the global warming scare is all about: research money for his and other related organizations. He is president of something called the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research. The garbage in is his introductory statement, claiming it is “clear” that the “major cause” of planet warming “at an unprecedented rate” is human beings. The garbage out is his case for more and faster computers for more exotic models.

Many in the lucrative climate research community have long been censoring, or bullying into silence, scientists who differ from their well-funded (and possibly ruinous) orthodoxy. Critics are finally coming forward. Nearly every day, what Anthes claims as clear becomes less clear – some argue false, even fraudulent.

Anthes proceeds from his controversial opening to a clarion call for more research funds. From the federal government, of course.

The obligatory call to urgency isn’t missing, either. “If climate change is ... the preeminent threat facing our planet ... then it seems imperative that we invest ...”

That’s a huge “If.” Those whose backs remain sore from shoveling snow recently must be excused for skepticism vis-à-vis what Anthes is shoveling.