Re-create 1776

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America's government "needs to be completely eliminated and replaced," according to the leader of a protest group intending to disrupt the Democratic convention in Denver this summer. They call themselves Re-create '68, fondly invoking the Chicago riots of 40 years ago. A recent profile on their chieftain, Glenn Spagnuolo, says he believes that "revolutionary politics are the best way to address" our national problems right now. Fair enough, Glenn. You can talk that way and even up to a point act that way, because it's still a free country, no thanks to you and your radical pals. But we at Backbone Radio intend exercise that same freedom. We'll see your New Left hippie peacenik nostalia, your Castro-inspired bogus revolutionary politics, and raise you the real thing: the authentic American revolution of Washington, Madison, Adams, and Jefferson. We're out to re-create 1776. May the best ideas win.

** Backbone Radio this Sunday features a special one-hour seminar on health care and free markets, where I'll be joined in the studio by policy guru Linda Gorman and business lobbyist Paul Archer. This discussion will crackle. Listen and learn.

** Plus Sandy Froman, past president of the NRA, on the gun rights ruling soon to come from the US Supreme Court... terrorism expert Daveed Gartenstein-Ross with the latest from Baghdad and Gaza... and former Lt. Gov. Jane Norton, McCain's campaign chairman for the battleground state of Colorado.

Ever wonder why the Founders took as their emblem the eagle and not the hornet, the rattler and not the scorpion? Since either would have done for warning off enemies, I like to think they chose vertebrates, symbols with spine. Stiffening our own spine is the first step to re-creating 1776. Let's do it.

Yours for self-government, JOHN ANDREWS