Tibet and Kosovo, firsthand

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Should Bush attend the Beijing Olympics? Is China still Maoist red, or merely the color of money; an enemy or merely a rival? What's the big deal about Tibet anyway? Can't we all just get along? Then there's Kosovo, another distant trouble spot. If the sinister Putin doesn't want it breaking away from mean old Serbia, what's not to like? Aren't we Americans all in favor of declarations of independence? Or does the breakaway have echoes of 9/11 and bad karma for Israel? The world gets smaller and more complicated every day. The more it does, the more our backbone as a free people is tested. That's why Backbone Radio covers the globe as well as the neighborhood. They're increasingly inseparable.

** On our show this Sunday, I'll talk with two friends who know these tangled issues firsthand. John Berry of Denver wrote "To Move the Mountain," a political novel about Tibetan protests rocking the Olympics. Now it's happening. Don't miss his eyewitness analysis of the gathering storm.

** Jim Jatras is a Washington lawyer long familiar with the former Yugoslavia and deeply concerned about US support of a new and potentially radical Muslim state inside Europe. His take on Kosovo contradicts the MSM line you've been hearing. Is he right? Listen and judge for yourself.

** Plus the latest from our education correspondent, Bill Moloney... a civil rights update from the fearless Ward Connerly... and straight talk on race in the 2008 campaign from the Black Avenger, Denver's own Ken Hamblin, writer and radio host.

Dude, where do you get these great guests, people constantly ask me. (Okay, they don't ask constantly, just during waking hours, and not all of them say "dude.") The answer is simple. I have an inside connection with Kathleen LeCrone, and she has an inside connection with everyone. Okay, not quite everyone; she's only gotten Newt once, and she has yet to get Ted Nugent at all. Slacker.

Yours for great conversation, JOHN ANDREWS