Legislative endgame

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Gut the Taxpayer's Bill of Rights? Check. Make it harder for citizens to limit government by amending our constitution? Check. Hike the cost of health care while enriching the trial lawyers? Check. Distort civil rights laws to favor alternative lifestyles? Check. Insert bureaucrats into the governance of religious colleges and seminaries? Check. They're a busy bunch, that Colorado General Assembly of ours with the Democrats in charge. Rolling toward adjournment on May 7 or sooner, they have all sorts of mischief in store. The terrible ideas I just listed are already moving ahead (except the first one, Speaker Romanoff's brainchild, still being drafted) and known as SCR-3, SB-164, SB-200, and SB-167.

All those happen to have started in the Senate, but House members have their share of horrors as well. We'll run down the worst of the worst for you on this week's edition of Backbone Radio, and we'll talk about how you can make your voice heard to help stop them from passing. To be clear: this bad stuff has not passed yet, and with enough noise from citizens, none of it will. Please listen Sunday and get in the game.

** I'll talk with both Republican caucus chairs, Rep. Amy Stephens and Sen. Mike Kopp, as well as health policy expert Sen. Shawn Mitchell, family values champion Rep. Kevin Lundberg, and Republican Study Committee chairman Rep. Kent Lambert.

** Plus Bishop Philip Porter on how the greenies are driving up energy costs in disregard of minorities and the poor, and Sean Paige with the Limited Government Forum, a new citizens group in Colorado Springs.

** Plus renowned author Os Guinness on where Biblical faith stands as the atheists close from one side and the Islamists from the other.

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Yours for limited government, JOHN ANDREWS