Moderate Muslims nowhere in evidence

The enormity of Islamic drumbeat hatred aimed against Israel belies the notion that only the "hi-jacked" portion of Islam is terroristic. In fact, virtually every Islamic nation-state has a policy of the inevitable destruction of the State of Israel. These "mainstream Muslims" -- the propagandist term which will soon be dropping world-wide in conjunction with that novo-word: "Islamophobe" -- are getting away with a campaign of directed-hate and poison. They can't help the Pavlovian reflex of thinking "dogs and pigs" each time the words Jew or Israel dings on their eardrums.

Who stops to remember that the Indian-Muslims refused the united India for which Gandhi gave his last 14 years and his life, and they forced the paring-away of the Sind and most of Punjab to create the secessionist land of Pure ! Yes, that's what Pakistan means: The Land of Pure. Of course virtually every non-Muslim Indian was terrorized out of Pakistan--so it did end up "pure" -- a vicious, racially hate-filled term -- while India itself accepted hundreds of millions of Muslims as coequal citizens.

The same dastardly assumption exists for Israel which accepts hundreds of thousands of Arab-Muslim Israelis, while it is an accepted fact that no Jews --not any--will be allowed in the State of Palestine-or Gaza or the West Bank. Don't buy those allegations that the Israelis are provocative in continuing settlements. Next we'll see Archbishop Rowan Williams scorning Brits "for establishing settlements in South London and Leeds.

Have you seen the film "Fitna," produced by Geert Wilders? It has virtually no imposed dialogue, because 95% of it is film of Islamic terror in action and vicious proclamation. All the derision against "Fitna" is mindless condemnation of the messenger for daring to bring us, you and me, the truth. I try to follow Gandhi's principle (and practice) that Love's Soul Force is fearless.

How about these so-called mainstream Muslims being held to a standard of nonviolent resistance against their co-religionists whose vile terroristic barbarities brand the name of Allah with the mark of inhuman violence directed randomly against Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs, Jains, Jews, Catholic Christians, Orthodox Christians, Assyrian Christians, Maronite Christians, Dutch individuals, Danish journalists, Darfurian-Black Muslims, Sudanese Christians of their South, and so on?

Islam dominated India from 711 through 1707, one thousand years, and their intellectuals have the gall to compare that with the 275 years of the defensive Crusades, arising after 400 years of brutal suppression of the entire Christian Near East and the area we now call Asia Minor. This is serious stuff, and I for one intend to continue insisting that all Muslims realize their task doesn't end until the Islamist genie is back in the Bottle" and its cap is securely fastened.