Election Alert, May 3 edition

Do your part against South Metro unions, Centennial expansionists, and a pro-Hamas legislative candidate. Act today. --------------------------------------------------------------- ELECTIONS, SOUTH METRO FIRE BOARD: Does that sound unimportant? It's not. Unless you want the firefighters' union bossing the board they work for, Dave Jackson and Lou Schroeder are the candidates to support. Your ballot must be in the mail by Monday, May 5. Democracy, use it or lose it. --------------------------------------------------------------- ELECTIONS, CENTENNIAL: My city was supposed to be different, with lean government and low taxes. I'm worried that could change if voters are apathetic on June 10. Learn why at NoCC2008.com. Help spread the alarm by sending your check (I've sent mine) to No on Centennial Charter, 6558 S. Niagara Court, Centennial CO 80111. Their treasurer is Michael Kirrane. ---------------------------------------------------------------- ELECTIONS, DENVER: Joshua Sharf of Backbone Radio is running for the State House. He needs your signature if you live in HD-6, and your gift of time and dollars wherever you live. It's no exaggeration to call his primary opponent pro-Hamas, as Brigitte Gabriel's ACT group demonstrates. Help out May 5-8 with an autograph or some volunteer hours. Details here.