Dog ate their homework?

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Did you hear the one about how it was Republicans' fault that Colorado Democrats accomplished little in this year's legislative session, despite Dems controlling the House by 40-25 and the Senate by 20-15? No joke, it was in the paper. That Bill Ritter may not be much of a governor, but he's some comedian. I was afraid I'd have to miss the show this Sunday, hospitalized with a laugh attack, but the ER administered oxygen and put me on home convalescence. Hoo, haven't seen anything that funny since Barack went bowling.

In contrast, our deal at Backbone Radio is principled, candid coverage of the issues; none of this phony stuff and slippery spin. What the legislature did, what the Congress may do, how the election shapes up, and where you come in -- we cover all of it with interesting guests and steel in our spine. Please be listening.

** On our May 11 edition I'll talk with utilities exec Mac McLennan about energy and climate policy... Bill Moloney about true and false school reform... Ward Connerly about the upcoming ballot battle... and constitutional expert Earl Taylor about our endangered liberties.

** All this plus a conversation with war correspondent Michael Yon about his new book, "Moment of Truth in Iraq." Yon dares to say we're winning, and praise for the book ranges from Gen. Petraeus to the Washington Post.

That's all for today. GOP leaders have invited me to attend their "mea culpa" vigil outside Ritter's office, complete with sackcloth and ashes. I feel myself tearing up already.

Yours for liberty, JOHN ANDREWS