Geddes picked to succeed Regent Schauer

Dr. Jim Geddes, a trauma surgeon from Sedalia, will carry the Republican banner for CU Regent from the 6th congressional district this November. Geddes was nominated by acclamation at Saturday's GOP assembly in Castle Rock after incumbent Paul Schauer quit the race Thursday night. "We're in a battle for the ideological soul of our university, our party, and our country," Geddes told the assembly. Schauer <a href=" Allison Sherry of the Denver Post that his withdrawal had nothing to do with a storm of conservative anger, including a mailer that bracketed him with Ward Churchill as no fan of Western Civilization. Presumably he was also unruffled by a week of bruising criticism in print and on radio by Mike Rosen.

If you believe that, contact me about a special price on the deed to Pike's Peak, Mt. McKinley, or any national landmark of your choosing. More on target were the comments to Sherry by some of Schauer's liberal allies on the regents, Democrat Mike Carrigan who said he was swift-boated and Republican Pat Hayes who called the whole thing "frightening." For her crowd of lefties, yes. For real freedom of thought at the university, no.

Several party leaders told me they were disappointed Schauer didn't attend the 6th CD assembly, thank party workers for their support, and perhaps even offer the nomination of Geddes as his successor. It would have given more plausibility to his profession of not leaving under fire, but just wanting a change.

As it was, I gave the nomination for "Doc" Geddes, and was pleased to do so, having been a campaign strategist for him from the start. I expect Jim to win easily in the general election. It's a safe Republican district and he faces only token Democratic opposition. My nominating speech was as follows:

    It’s a new day at the University of Colorado. CU has emerged from a difficult time and made a new start under the leadership of former president Hank Brown. The university now has an outstanding new president in Bruce Benson, a true Republican.

    CU needs a true Republican majority on the board of regents to support Bruce Benson. All it takes is one more reliable vote, and Dr. Jim Geddes is exactly the man to provide it.

    Jim Geddes is a fighting conservative and a gifted leader. We can trust him. Jim knows that the needed reforms in higher education will never be achieved by regents from our party who cater to the left wing faculty and repeatedly vote with the Democrats, as some have done in the past.

    Paul Schauer is a good man. We should thank him as he departs. To replace him, and to take CU to the next level, I’m proud to nominate Jim Geddes for Regent.