Life will trash your trophies

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No sparkling observations about the news, not this week from this boy. A small flood in our basement yesterday ruined many of my files from 40 years in politics and media. Damage control ate up the time I would have used to craft this email as intended. Oh well. I thought of what Jim Dobson reminded a prayer service before the NBA all-star game one time: "Life will trash your trophies." He told of visiting the old high school, missing his tennis championship cup from a display case and then spotting it in the dumpster out back. Apocryphal maybe, but so true. All earthly glories fade.

But heck, my Thursday also included preschool graduation for our grandson, Ian the crown prince. The little guy and his buddies looked smashing in their royal blue mortarboards with gold tassels. Summer's here and the wide world awaits them. Forget my soaked archives of bygone battles, thinks grandpa with a shrug.

** Backbone Radio, always proudly patriotic, will be more so this Sunday as America pauses to honor our fallen heroes of 233 years on Memorial Day. Author James Piereson will join me to discuss his terrific book on how the death of JFK soured liberals on this land we love.

** David Harsanyi of the Denver Post and Keith Carlson, treasurer of the California Republican Party, will be along to talk about national and state politics as the campaigns intensify.

** Plus a special hour with Denverite and Kingston Trio alumnus Bob Haworth in studio, singing and recalling the old folkie days, and presenting some edgy new songs about the Open Border Blues of the present day.

Please fit us into your weekend. You'll be glad you did.

Yours for the things that endure, JOHN ANDREWS