Green Left seduces the Rockefellers

Rex Tillerson, the CEO of Exxon Mobil, John D. Rockefeller’s corporate progeny, shrugged off greenie attacks by the Rockefeller heirs and fired back. Here's the latest from Canada. There are two things Coloradans should keep in mind about this developing story: 1) Unlike CEO James Mulva of our soon-to-be-neighbor in Broomfield, ConocoPhillips, Tillerson and Exxon Mobil haven’t knuckled under to the global warming hysteria (fraud and hoax are other words that come to mind) that’s all the rage these days.

2) Through the work of “climate czarina” Heidi VanGenderen and others, Gov. Ritter has Colorado in the grip of the same Rockefeller crowd who are nipping at Tillerson’s posterior at Exxon Mobil.

The Rockefeller Brothers Fund supports an outfit called the Center for Climate Strategies , CCS, which I understand to be, among other things, a self-styled manager/facilitator (puppeteer?) seductively providing resources at no charge mainly to states to “[enable] deliberative democracy” in policy development addressing climate change. However, it appears the only climate change of interest to CCS is anthropogenic global warming (if any), and CCS’s skillful control of agendas leads in only one direction: drastically reduced carbon emissions. Some deliberative democracy (the term used in its mission statement).

In Colorado’s case, a climate action plan was reportedly developed with CCS guidance by another nonprofit, something called the Rocky Mountain Climate Organization, RMCO. State climate (read, global warming) action plans engineered by CCS are usually the product of a “Climate Change Advisory Council” (do a Web search on that term, and you’ll see what I mean) appointed directly or indirectly by the governor; the RMCO work might be seen as more “independent,” but I believe that’s a distinction with little difference. A report in the Rocky 11/6/07 seems to confirm what I have learned from other sources, that the Ritter/VanGenderen climate action plan is the RMCO product with some minor variations.

Ominously, RMCO is hand-in-hand with the Natural Resources Defense Council. A major report on warming in the west featured on RMCO’s Website is shown to be the product of both organizations. A recent George Will column noted, “Today's ‘green left’ is the old ‘red left’ revised.” It would be hard to find an organization closer to the heart of the green left for the past 35 years than the NRDC.

Investor’s Business Daily had it right in this 5/29 editorial about Exxon Mobil in contrast to British Petroleum -- and one could add ConocoPhillips, Xcel and dozens of others that have drunk Al Gore’s koolaid. IBD’s comment about the endless ads “touting capitulation to the global warming religion” reminds me of Xcel’s ad about the Coors Field solar array and its Gee Whiz! 14,000 KWH per year. By comparison, the Palo Verde nuclear plant west of Phoenix generates 14,000 KWH in about 13 seconds.

Might one be unduly cynical to suggest that political correctness is the only thing standing between Xcel and nuclear-electric power advocacy?