Don't Europeanize the USA

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Will America become like Europe? That's one way of framing the epic battle between liberals or progressives and the common-sense conservative majority in this country. Voters who said no to Gore in 2000 and Kerry 2004 rejected abandoning American exceptionalism in favor of EU-style quasi-socialism and quasi-pacifism. We now face the same choice with Obama vs. McCain. The ten days I recently spent with Donna in Italy, England, and Germany, resulting in a couple of weekends off the radio, were sweet vacation and nothing else. Still I'm brimming with political observations from over there. We'll talk all about them this Sunday, June 22.

** And there's more. Grover Norquist will discuss his new book, "Leave Us Alone." Jessica Corry and Ward Connerly will have an update on Amendment 46, the ballot issue for true civil rights.

** State Sen. Chris Romer will tell us how the state and nation look through a Democrat's eyes as the campaign heats up.

** And we'll hear from Leondray Gholston of the Colorado Black Republicans about the splash he made at the GOP state convention.

You don't feel that far from home when there's a kid in a Carmelo Anthony jersey outside the Vatican gates and a bustling Borders & Starbucks up the street from Bristol's thousand-year-old cathedral. Yet the Old World is so different from our New World, and we came home more grateful than ever to be Americans. It'll take backbone to conserve what's unique and precious here. Hence our program.

Yours for the land of the free, JOHN ANDREWS