Finally, a voice for prosperity

Here comes the cavalry at last, I told a press conference at the State Capitol today. Too few powerful voices speak up for productive Coloradans in a Colorado political scene currently dominated by advocates for redistribution, regulation, and anti-market schemes. Now at last a proven success model called Americans for Prosperity is riding over the ridge to help change that. I'm pleased to be on the group's advisory board. Here's their press release with full details. ================================

The national free-market grassroots group Americans for Prosperity (AFP) today launched its Colorado state chapter, saying that its first goal would be to educate and mobilize grassroots taxpayers in support the removal of artificial, government-imposed barriers to energy development, which will help lower prices for cash-strapped citizens.

“From unnecessarily limiting the supply of energy to proposed cap-and-trade carbon taxes and regulatory schemes, many state and federal government policies are threatening to put a major dent in Coloradans’ quality of life,” said AFP President Tim Phillips. “Current and proposed energy policies largely amount to higher taxes, lost jobs and less freedom, and the Colorado chapter of Americans for Prosperity is going to educate and mobilize taxpayers on this and other issues, and we’re going to make sure their voices are heard loud and clear in Denver and in Washington.”

The group has named veteran Colorado grassroots leader Jim Pfaff as its state director. Pfaff formerly served as President and CEO of the Colorado Family Institute and Colorado Family Action and since 1998 has also served as President and CEO of IRDS, Inc., a public relations and political consulting company that specializes in grassroots mobilization, public policy consulting and polling.

“Americans for Prosperity has been fighting the good fight in other states and in the nation’s capital and getting results through taxpayer involvement,” said Pfaff. “With such an outstanding, effective organization looking out for citizens’ interests, we are going to have a major impact on Colorado.

“Colorado has a strong energy economy, but many politicians and special interests are putting Colorado families in peril because of environmental alarmism,” said Pfaff. “Recent calls for oil shale development are a good example here. We are sitting on one of the largest oil fields in the world, yet Mark Udall, Ken Salazar and Bill Ritter are fanning the flames of environmental fears. Instead of pushing for reasonable oil shale policy which can help reduce energy costs and gas prices in the long run, they are stirring up fears of environmental disaster which are just not true.”

Americans for Prosperity now has 21 state chapters around the country. In 2006, the group was active in fighting to reform Colorado’s costly Public Employees’ Retirement Association (PERA,) and will now work toward educating and training grassroots taxpayers in every corner of the Rocky Mountain State in support of increased responsible energy production and other pro-taxpayer issues, such as protecting the Taxpayers’ Bill of Rights, making government spending more transparent and ending forced unionism.

AFP has also become a national grassroots leader in the fight against pork-barrel earmarks and global warming alarmism. In 2006 the group traveled over 10,000 miles to 37 states and 50 pork-barrel earmarks on the Ending Earmarks Express road tour of federal earmarks. The group is currently in the midst of a nationwide Hot Air Tour, which is exposing the high economic costs of so-called “solutions” to global warming.

According to the American Council on Capital Formation, Colorado stands to lose between 20,000 and 31,000 jobs by 2020 if proposed cap-and-trade global warming tax hikes are approved by Congress. Moreover, the group estimates that the price of gasoline would skyrocket another 74 – 140 percent by 2030 and the cost of electricity would increase by 96% to 133%.