Constitutional wins & losses

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"The Constitution means what the Supreme Court says it means," a cynic once said. Actually not. The Constitution belongs to we the people, not to our servant the government or any group within the government, even the honorable justices. We the people ultimately decide what it means. But effectuating that is harder than asserting it. So from day to day Americans as a free people have a lot riding on what the Supreme Court rules in key cases. Two huge ones have come down this month, the Heller case upholding gun rights a few days ago and the Boumediene case empowering enemy combatants on June 12.

Both have to do with the most fundamental demand that human beings can make upon their government -- the demand to be allowed to defend ourselves individually or collectively against hostile force and attack. Self-defense is one for two in the United States this month, or one for three if you count this week's ruling that disallowed Louisianans' effort to punish (and deter) child rape.

** On Backbone Radio this Sunday, I'll talk about the gun rights case with leading expert David Kopel of the Independence Institute. It was an important victory for liberty, public safety, and restraint of tyranny.

** We'll also analyze the enemy combatants case with Steve Emerson. No one understands radical jihadism better or fights it more fearlessly. That case was a bad setback for both national security and constitutional government.

** Plus Colorado politics with Peter Blake of the Rocky Mountain News, and a return visit from my Watergate friend Bud Krogh, author of "Integrity: Life Lessons from the White House."

How important is talk radio to the cause of individual freedom and limited government in our country today? Efforts from the left to muzzle us with the so-called fairness doctrine suggest talk radio is very important in this struggle. Our show is proud to be a part of it, and with your help, we'll not be silenced.

Yours for self-government, JOHN ANDREWS