One American's Credo

I am of Scottish and Danish stock: what could be sterner stuff? Yes, Braveheart and Norsemen. My people made Europe with their blood and sweat–and the Faith that elevated the Continent and the British Isles. That point in time came in the early 1700’s when my people felt and bore the crushing weight of religious persecution. As Scots and Danes imbued with the Love of God burning deep within, they faced the stormy dangers of the unpredictable Atlantic to leave Europe behind and come here, Philadelphia and Omaha respectively. They forged iron and steel to make their homes, churches and schools.

They fought for Independence and then for Freedom of the Slaves. They fought to rescue Europe from tyranny twice, only to be faced with World-wide Communism. By their efforts, because by their sides were thousands and thousands of other Americans of like-mind, the Soviet Union collapsed under the weight of its Evil Empire.

Now, our Great Nation is being fed the pap that all that should be forgotten and replaced with the very fallacies, weaknesses, and “-isms” from which our forefathers had fought and freed themselves.

I am proud of America and I have devoted my life, as have my brothers and sisters in Faith, to preserving and improving Our Nation within a framework of respect for the Fact that “we are standing on the Shoulders of Giants” !! Europe needs us more than we need its profound exhaustion and declining birthrate, which are the natural consequences of their diminishing Faith.

Let us all grasp the fact that Europe’s reliance on faithless solipsism and nihilism cannot endure long and even now is being pulled from beneath their complacent feet. Healthy societies are either moving forward responsibly or they are sliding into chaos, confusion and inescapable vulnerability. One would have thought a Lenin, a Hitler and a Stalin sufficient to warn Europeans “to stand guardians at the doors” of their Freedoms.

Our Faith, Our People, Our Land and Our God-Given Inalienable Rights as Citizens of this Great Nation (as confirmed in and meant to be preserved by the U. S. Constitution) are the most solid reasons for relentlessly protecting and exercising to the fullest Our Freedoms. Turn back the assault by going on the offensive !!

Jim Ritchie is a practicing attorney in the Atlanta area, and President of Georgia Media Matters, Ltd.