Who does Bob Tiernan like for President?

What's a poor atheist to do, with both Obama and McCain flaunting their church attendance yesterday, and an ordained minister, Leah Daughtry, chairing this year's DNC, a brazen invasion of the faith territory long owned by the GOP and James Dobson? Robert Tiernan's Colorado chapter of the Freedom from Religion Foundation is aglow with pride about its "Imagine No Religion" billboard downtown, but his God-deniers movement seems adrift with no clear political home in 2008. The John Lennon-inspired advertising sign is halfway through its two-month run on 14th Avenue west of the Civic Center. I missed the breaking news about it in early June; we were in Europe, touring empty churches and learning about the birth dearth among world-weary couples in that increasing religionless (except for Islam) continent.


As illustrated in my snapshot above, the billboard sits right next to Denver's new, half-constructed Justice Center, and blocks away from the main congregating area for local homeless people. You wonder how Tiernan and company would make the case that crime would be less and generosity to the unfortunate would be greater, in their imagined world where nothing is either morally forbidden or commanded by a higher power.

You wonder how the FfRF crowd, as they call themselves, intend to vote this November. I'm betting they feel considerably more welcome in the Democratic Party, Daughtry's symbolism and Obama's faith-based mimicry of Bush notwithstanding.

You try to "imagine" the billboard staying up an extra month so that a poll of DNC delegates could be taken in late August. Would most of them be less disgusted by Bob Tiernan's atheist fantasy than I and my fellow Republicans are? I'm betting, again, the answer is yes.