Rodney King for President?

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"Can't we all just get along?" The absurd but famous plea of troublemaker Rodney King, dismayed by the riots exploding on the pretext of sympathy for him, echoes as a motto of our times. Liberals, radicals, utopians, and entrenched interests always manage to seem surprised, even hurt, when their bullying is resisted. Barack Obama's words just after 9/11, lecturing about the need to "understand" Islamist rage and mayhem, have been in the news this week. He expressed the same cool condescension in saying the US mustn't be "provocative" in response to Iran's recent missile tests. That's right, we're the problem.

Look, Senator: anybody who's spent an hour thinking about history and human behavior knows that actually we can't all just get along. Evil is out there, predators are out there, selfishness and sinfulness are here to stay. The world will never stop being a contentious place. We'll always need to defend what's right and good.

That's why Backbone Radio stands for America with steel in her spine. A nation of invertebrates will soon be lunch for powers on the prowl. In different ways, this theme runs through our July 20 show.

** Congressman Doug Lamborn (R-CO5), co-founder of the House Missile Defense Caucus, talks about those tests by Tehran the other day. John Fonte of the Hudson Institute debunks the dangerous fallacy of global governance, a rapidly growing fad.

** Jon Caldara of the Independence Institute and Ward Connerly of the American Civil Rights Institute report on the gutter tactics being used against their ballot issues to curb union power (Jon) and end racial preferences (Ward).

** Plus an update from our man in Hollywood, black conservative author and actor Joseph C. Phillips.

The Left never sleeps. Not here in Colorado, not in your state, not in Washington DC either. The current Weekly Standard cover story where I'm quoted makes that grimly clear. So we can't sleep unless their vision for a "just get along" USA is okay with us. And I'm pretty sure of your answer to that.

Yours for a fighting faith, JOHN ANDREWS