Dems stuck in socialist sludge

To tag so-called progressives as reactionaries seems an oxymoron, but that precisely describes the liberals' outmoded, illogical sales pitch. David Harsanyi cogently revealed one of the flaws in the libs' antiquated social welfare doctrine in his 7/22 Denver Post column, "What could Obama learn on vacation." Harsanyi compared rational economics to the Democrats' too-often-repeated socialist sludge. After trying for decades to make social welfare work, European nations are wisely abandoning that counter-productive utopian path. The libs' misbegotten social welfare has been tested and, as always, found false.

Yet in America, progressives like Obama, Pelosi, Clinton and Reid echo those same archaic, unsubstantiated false promises. Do they think we are all fools?

In the past people believed many foolish notions that the sun revolved around the earth and that one's innocence or guilt could be determined by drowning which reason and data eventually eclipsed. Conversely, the shopworn socialist notions persist, despite many failed experiments, defying logic and objectivity. Give it a rest! We are indeed ready for a change, a much-needed return to rational economic principles.