Who owns hope?

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In America these days, who owns hope? Barack Obama the apostle of it and Bill Clinton the native of it, dreamers of the left? Not on your life. Hope in America and America the hope of the world belong to those who have always cherished them: the patriots of liberty, the heirs of Lincoln and Washington. Since I can't talk with you on the radio this weekend -- taking a little time off -- let me invite you instead to read "American Hope 2050," my newly published manifesto on a conservative vision for the 21st century. It's posted just above under Andrews in Print.

** Sunday, July 27, on Backbone Radio, tune in for my pals Matt Dunn and Krista Kafer. Among many other topics they'll be talking about Gov. Bill Ritter's sagging poll numbers. But Krista's swoon of last week (over Jon Caldara, that hunk) will not be repeated in connection with Obama's world tour this week.

** Sunday, August 3, the Backbone microphone welcomes Ross Kaminsky and Joshua Sharf, bad boy bloggers of the right. Kaminsky, who writes at PoliticsWest.com, has Senate candidate Bob Schaffer scheduled as a guest. Don't miss that.

I'll return for the August 10 show and stay in the saddle right through the DNC and RNC convention weeks. What fun those will be. Meanwhile on Thursday, July 31, catch our recorded special at 7pm on KNUS... "Under the Dome: Battle of Ideas." It's a closer look at the lefty plan to lock up Colorado. Chilling stuff.

Yours for America without apologies, JOHN ANDREWS