This is not a drill

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The seriousness of real life is difficult for liberals to grasp, but events have a way of breaking in. Russia invades Georgia, a US ally. Domestic energy supplies gain sudden urgency after decades of denial. Reckless lending pops the housing bubble and a weak dollar fuels inflation. The litigation lottery rewards a few while punishing everyone else. Racial victim policies hurt the very people they were supposed to help. This is not a drill, it's our world -- a world where ideas have consequences and you can't fool mother nature or remake human nature.

Obama's platitudes about "one world" having brought down the Berlin Wall, or Udall's woolly logic in opposition to oil exploration, sounded so plausible a couple of weeks ago. Now they're exposed as embarrassingly juvenile. McCain and Schaffer stand taller with their grownup realism.

This Sunday on Backbone Radio we'll talk national security with Marvin Hutchens of presidential politics with Joseph C. Phillips... clean coal with industry expert Brad Jones... civil rights with Ward Connerly... and law with Attorney General John Suthers.

Plus we'll hear from Matt Dunn about his medical mission to Ethiopia, and from Joshua Sharf about his big win in the legislative primary, with a full analysis of how they ran in all the Colorado primaries this week. Please join us as our new Grand Junction affiliate takes the Backbone network statewide for the first time.

Yours for self-government, JOHN ANDREWS