Democrats Do Denver

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Hide your children. Democrats gathering for their presidential nominating convention are about to "do Denver" in a blue movie that won't be pretty, even if it's not as X-rated as the infamous "Debbie Does Dallas." The madness starts this weekend and builds through Thursday, when Obama's stadium speech will close Colorado's main highway, the interstate through downtown Denver, for several hours, threatening the mother of all traffic jams. We knew Dems didn't like cars and roads, but isn't this going a bit far? Apparently not. DNC week here at the foot of the Rockies will be an object lesson to the state and nation about liberals' habit of taking it to the limit, and I'm betting Americans won't like what they see. Here we go then, what a ride it's going to be.

Backbone Radio on Sunday night, convention eve, brings you a great lineup of guests to preview the days ahead. Who's joining me?

** Ken Hamblin, the Black Avenger of talk radio and book fame, offers his contrarian view of Obamania. City councilman Charlie Brown, a lonely voice of reason amidst local politicians' sweetness toward the Recreate '68 protesters, talks about the preparations to keep order on Denver streets.

** Dick Wadhams, state Republican chairman, tells why his side expects to benefit from the antics of their side. Commentators Jay Ambrose and Jessica Corry add their two bucks' worth. (A cent buys nothing any more in today's inflated money, which unfortunately is a bipartisan, not a partisan problem.)

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Yours for a G-rated America, JOHN ANDREWS