DNC Snapshots 8/27

Took these as I wandered around the Pepsi Center, Civic Center, and the 16th Street Mall on Wednesday. Our 710 KNUS media pass was put to good use! [photopress:DNC_day_3_015.jpg,thumb,pp_image] Hillary Supporters - they were vocal. This is just outside the perimeter fence at Speer and Market.

[photopress:DNC_day_3_016.jpg,thumb,pp_image] The KNUS Booth inside the Pepsi Center on Radio Row.

[photopress:DNC_day_3_028.jpg,thumb,pp_image] Classic Jon Caldera at the KOA booth - notice his glasses. I am not responsible!

[photopress:DNC_day_3_034.jpg,thumb,pp_image] The police ready were ready for anything.

[photopress:DNC_day_3_020.jpg,thumb,pp_image] Fox News - you decide!

[photopress:DNC_day_3_014.jpg,thumb,pp_image] Not sure if they were true rednecks...

[photopress:DNC_day_3_037.jpg,thumb,pp_image] Protesters near the Pepsi Center.