Dems Done, GOP Up to Bat

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They're gone! Not to speak inhospitably of our guests; that's not the way we behave in Backbone Colorado USA. But one week of the Democratic National Convention in Denver every century (that's right, they were last here in 1908) is quite enough. We want our streets back, also our airwaves if you don't mind. The past few days belonged to the Obamas, the Bidens, the Kennedys, and the Clintons, not necessarily in that order. The whole show doesn't seem to have done much for the Dems' chances in the fall, especially with 3.3% economic growth in the 2nd quarter and victory shaping up in Iraq. Still, ten weeks can be a long time in politics.

Now it's the Republicans' turn, with the much-awaited VP pick still an hour away at this writing. Labor Day will bring McCain's convention in St. Paul and a possible hurricane in New Orleans. Lots of action at both ends of the Mississippi River; maybe too much.

Our radio show is taking the DNC-RNC contrast as a teachable moment to remind Americans why freedom works better than collectivism. Please join us on the final Sunday of summer as the teach-in continues:

** I'll talk with David Harsanyi of the Denver Post, who nailed the DNC's collectivist line in his Thursday column. Also joining us will be commentators Mark Hillman, former state senator, and Ross Kaminsky, who live-blogged from this week's protest scenes.

** Douglas Groothuis, author and Denver Seminary professor, will analyze Obama's huge problem with the abortion issue among evangelicals and Catholics, a problem that Nancy Pelosi has recently made worse.

** And with everyone yammering about White House greatness or the lack of it, we'll hear from historian Alvin Felzenberg about his edgy new book, "The Leaders We Deserved: Rethinking the Presidential Rating Game."

Better thinking, better government. What could be simpler? The more clearly Americans understand the self-evident truths of life and liberty, the more we can restore the Republic. Will that mean one side always wins? No, they won't deserve to, human nature being what it is. It just means ideas matter a lot, which is why our program keeps on keeping on with such fervor. Join us?

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