Left disdains democracy

Regarding this week's violence outside the Republican convention perpetrated by left-wing groups: there is no constitutional provision for rioting and violence! These groups should be grateful I am not in charge! This week we also have the left wing bloggers and Democratic operatives releasing Sarah Palin’s Social Security number, making known their goal to destroy this woman as the Vice Presidential candidate, in a matter of days if they can!

The public should understand in both instances how clearly this demonstrates the left’s disregard for the democratic process. The extreme left wing, funded by George Soros et al, considers the democratic process like a street car. Once you get to where you want to go, (getting your hands on the levers of power) you get off. You change the rules and stay there forever! After all, once “the people" are in power, such formalities are unnecessary. Hugo Chavez in Venezuela is the precedent.

This should be a warning to those who are unhappy with the “Maverick” John McCain, thinking they will sit out this election and wait until next time. In every sense, there may never be a next time if the progressives have their way!