Eye on the ball

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The story out of Washington hour by hour today is big government attempting to clean up after itself. Hundreds of billions in bad mortgages, encouraged by Uncle Sam, have weakened and now frightened the major financial institutions to the point where Uncle has to step in with his -- make that yours and my -- checkbook. Bravo to the Republicans for fighting to keep the socialism to a minimum here. But let's not take our eye off the ball. The most important decision America will make this fall is not this bailout, momentous as it is. The most important decision before us is McCain & Palin versus Obama & Biden on Nov. 4. Who will be the next president? And what kind of Congress will he have to work with?

Our country's security and perhaps its very survival hinge on that in a dangerous world where sworn enemies seek our destruction. Not to mention taxes, judges, values, energy, and so many other key issues for the next four years. True, Barney Frank is fascinating in a repulsive way, but he's a sideshow. Eye on the ball, conservatives!

By Sunday the first McCain-Obama debate will have occurred, and the bailout melodrama may or may not have concluded. Join us for Backbone Radio to think it all through.

** David Freddoso of National Review will be with me for an hour to talk about his terrific new book, "The Case Against Barack Obama."

** We also hope to hear from Congresswoman Marilyn Musgrave (R-CO) about her skepticism of the bailout and her battle for reelection.

** Plus Randal O'Toole on the debacle of Denver's FasTracks transit plan... Peter Schweizer on his book "Makers and Takers"... and Roger Anghis of the new group Patriotic Pastors.

Liberty and justice for all, when you said it as a kid saluting the flag, sounded like a picnic. Turns out it's hard work, often discouraging, sometimes scary -- like right now. Guess that's why God gave each of us a backbone.

Yours for self-government, JOHN ANDREWS