Talk about pigs

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The porcine pettiness of two weeks ago between Obama and McCain can now be forgotten, thankfully, as the biggest oinker of them all waddles and grunts its way onto the national stage. The $700 billion bailout bill -- not a buyout or a workout, a rescue or a stabilization plan, but a bailout -- has now cleared both the Senate and (in a reversal from earlier this week) the House. Bush signed it into law minutes later. I'm not among those who either fear this will sink the Republic or expect it will usher in a boom. I just believe there was a better way to solve the mortgage mess, with insurance and private capital as some House Republicans heroically insisted.

But with no compass from Bush or McCain, matters drifted the Dems' way. As legislation goes, this is one of the all-time ugly sows, especially after senators porked it up with tax-subsidy earmarks. Bring on the lipstick.

** Congresswoman Marilyn Musgrave (R-CO), one of the no votes when the bill initially failed Monday, will join me on the radio this Sunday evening for an update. Jim Pfaff of Americans for Prosperity will also give us his take.

** Floyd Brown will talk about his new book, "Obama Unmasked: Did Slick Hollywood Handlers Create the Perfect Candidate?" Ward Connerly will have the latest on Amendment 46, the civil rights ballot issue, opposed by an axis of bipartisan weenies.

** Plus a preview, as best we can without a screen, of the hot new movie "An American Carol," the ridicule bath Michael Moore has so long deserved. I'll talk with Myrna Sokoloff, who wrote the script along with director David Zucker ("Airplane," "Naked Gun").

The laughter will be good medicine. This is not an easy time for our beloved country, economically or politically. But as I've said before, be of good cheer. America is resilient!